Our Data Security and Privacy Management professionals provide a full spectrum of assessment, transformation, and management services to help organizations identify and address privacy exposures before they become problems. We help companies identify the information they need to treat as private. We create the processes and metrics needed to manage the information to meet both business and regulatory requirements.

We can also ensure there is operational alignment with existing records management policies and programs.Automation and complex, new technologies are driving the need for enhanced security and continue to challenge the security function to “do more with less”. Our technology risk professionals help you address the challenge of managing IT risks in a way that is aligned with your business strategy.

With extensive experience and insight, our teams draw on in-depth technical and risk management knowledge to help your organization and stakeholders to feel confident that your key IT risks are identified, understood and managed effectively through your IT Risk Management Program and our integrated methodology. Our Security Services offers end-to-end risk management solutions to protect against threats while reducing the costs and complexity of security.