Retail and consumer product companies operate in environments that are highly dynamic, with new challenges and opportunities emerging constantly. Looking for new ways to make your business more successful? Our innovations in supply chain management, merchandising, e-commerce and mobility can take your business to a whole new level. Our retail solutions are specifically designed to help your business grow, even in these uncertain financial times.

We help retail companies combat the twin pressures of competition and consumer price sensitivity by targeting the right promotions to the right customers, and help you increase customer loyalty by improving the performance of key processes to eliminate bottlenecks and increase satisfaction. The Intelligence that we add to your systems and processes helps slash costs, improves cash flows, and produces more working capital while fostering the sort of long-term retention that drives growth.

We help department stores maximize customer service and profits and meet changing demands amid increased competition and complex supply chains. We help optimize merchandising, increase supply chain efficiencies and generate product mix forecasts for better retention. We help optimize prices, fine tune inventory planning. We help specialty retailers embrace the future of shopping by delivering concepts and solutions for in store selling through social networking.