The way you create, manage and deliver your digital assets is an important part of your business. Together, we’ll develop smart solutions to make it easier. An exponential growth of online media users is challenging the established business models for media and information services companies and creating new revenue opportunities. VMK’s analytics and research practice offers broad capabilities, from fundamental reporting and research to advanced predictive modeling, social media monitoring and optimization to advisory services.

Through qualitative and quantitative data analytics, VMK delivers the facts and insights businesses need to make smart decisions consistently and reliably.With increased industry fragmentation and consumer maturity, today's trends could be tomorrow's mainstays. There's a thin line between redundant and relevant – which calls for powerful analytics to predict the 'where, what and why' of consumer needs. Analytics empower enterprises with business-impacting information about the right demographics and consumer behavior patterns to plan their strategies for increased profitability and market share.

We believe in growing with clients and are not afraid to share risk, be it in mobile or other advanced platform ventures. In emerging technology domains, we also leverage relevant experiences from other areas of VMK, including many relevant industries, such as Telecommunications, Financial Services and Retail. A connected ecosystem that maximizes enterprise value is how we thrive with our clients.