Industrial manufacturers are looking to redesign their current operating models to address the increasing volatility and combat challenges such as cost and margin pressures, flat growth, increasing competition and limited talent pools. As consumer spending in emerging economies expands, new demand centers and centers of manufacturing excellence and innovation are rising as hotspots.

To break the mold, manufacturers need to meet industry forces head-on in their complex make-to-order, make-to-stock, and configure-to-order requirements market.Gobal supply chains, localized products and virtualized product development are changing the nature of Industrial Manufacturing. Additionally, industrial manufacturers must adopt new business models to move from pure product selling to services and solutions for their end customers.

We help makers of durable and non-durable products harness technology to adapt operations for new markets, roll out new collaboration platforms and refine engineering, manufacturing and IT management systems. Capacity consolidation, expanding into new markets, sourcing of scarce raw materials and compliance with stringent environmental regulations are the top challenges that Process Manufacturing organizations face today.