The term business continuity management has broadened the discipline’s scope from that of business continuity planning, which is now just another constituent part. It talks about “building resilience”, which moves us from the sense of reacting to recover from an event to becoming impervious to the event. Business continuity is vital to business success. And in today's interconnected world, virtually every aspect of a company's operation is vulnerable to disruption.

Some risks could take your business offline for days, but in a competitive environment, even minutes of downtime could prove fatal. As the number of risks to businesses increases, the worst-case scenario "insurance policy" approach to business continuity has become woefully inadequate. VMK can provide business continuity and resiliency services to clients who need to proactively identify, understand, manage and respond to operational risks and business disruptions.

Our solutions help you maintain near-continuous business operations, enabling you to better protect your brand and remain a trusted provider to your customers and associates. Unlike competitors, we leverage advanced tools to better understand your resilience needs, help design a security-rich business continuity plan designed to address your vulnerabilities and better manage your compliance requirements, and help you reduce overall risks.